Innovative product businesses with real purpose are part of a better future. 

New Zealand has a knack for producing genuinely innovative products, but few of our product businesses achieve their full potential and true global success.

We brought together experienced operators and investors to deeply support young New Zealand companies that have only reached a fraction of their potential to achieve greatness.

By sustainably growing quality New Zealand businesses we can deliver exceptional stakeholder returns while strengthening and diversifying our economy and business ecosystem.



  • Enthusiastic, resilient, capable and motivated management that are team players

  • Purpose beyond profit that engages and resonates with all stakeholders

  • Products that are desirable, unique, compelling and defensible 

  • A story that can be clearly articulated and understood 

  • Revenue momentum and strong growth potential

  • Achieved only a fraction of its growth potential prior to investment



  • Core values of integrity, social responsibility and behave ethically. 

  • Build quality products that solve real problems with the lowest ecological impact.

  • Cause no unnecessary harm, do good and strive to have the best business practices. 

  • Accept accountability for their products and practices. 

  • Encourage diversity, creativity and open to new and different ways to do business and active investor value add.